Hilarious “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” has 1 New Greek God

My Big

The Greek family you love is back!! Last night, I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 before it came out in the theaters. I prepared by watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding all weekend long. The night of the screening, I decided to go with all my Greek friends and family. I laughed throughout the entire movie. It was as funny, if not funnier, than the first movie. I highly recommend it to everyone! I give it 5 out of 5 Dancing Zorbas.
Like in the first movie, Gus, Toula’s dad, starts off with his famous, “You better get married soon. You’re starting to look old” speech. Except this time, he is talking to Toula’s daughter, Paris, who is ONLY 17 years old! Also, much like the first movie, Gus goes on and on about how the Greeks invented EVERYTHING! We learned hockey, Italians, and Facebook all came from the Greeks. Has anyone told Mark Zuckerberg?
Gus constantly mentions marriage and babies! Marriage and babies! Marriage and babies! But guess what? He realizes HE is not even married because the priest did not sign his own marriage certificate. Toula turns the tables on him, saying, “Yeah dad, you have to get married because you are starting to look old.” What unfolds in the plot after that is hilarious!
Toula is still married to the Xeno, but acting a bit like her parents because she doesn’t want Paris to leave her. Determined to keep her home in Chicago, they try to intervene to prevent her from going far, far away to college from her crazy Greek family.
Yiayia is back better than ever because someone told her the war was over! Trust me, Yiayia’s dance moves will have you laughing.
I barely noticed a new character, played by John Stamos. But remember I told you I brought my own Greek family to the theatre? I guess he is a Greek God that I never read about. But one of my Greek cousins has a crush on him. If Gus would only insist that THEY get married and have babies.

7 thoughts on “Hilarious “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” has 1 New Greek God

  1. Great job Noel! Always making us proud. Thanks for honoring me as one of your guests for the night! Trust me, your cousin wishes for a John Stamos look alike! 😉 Love you!!!

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  2. Can’t wait to see it Noel. Thanks for the great idea for family movie night! Lila will love it, but she needs to watch the first one. A little secret – I had one boyfriend before Mr Hernandez. He was VERY Greek. In fact, he was born in Greece and I went to visit his village with him once. So I guess I consider myself just a little Greek too and I love the Greek culture and FOOD and really appreciated the first movie! We just missed you in Hawaii will have you over when we get back next week!

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  3. I think I’ll watch the first one tonight! Never seen it but you got me very excited to watch them!



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